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For Excellence
FOUNDER: ITF1962. FEST 1982. ITCO 2004.

Povelja FEST


"For professional excellence and thus an extraordinary contribution to the promotion of tourism".

SOLIN,Croatia- Hotel President,13-15.november 2019.With abundance of initiaves and various events which will be held at city of Solin,once ancient Salona, near to Diocletian city Split, this year also, whitin 3 intenational tourism,film festival,and landscape plays: 26. INTERSTAS/International festival of tourism, 22. ITF’CRO/ Intenational festival of tourism film, and 16. KEA-CRO/ Intenational floricultural,and landscape competition,will give award for the 16th time in Croatia: POVELJA “FEST – ANTONIO CONTE” “For professional excellence and thus an extraordinary contribution to the promotion of tourism”

This prominent international recognition,Charter for excellence and outstandig contribution in area of tourism “PREMIO EUROPEO - BENEMERERITI DEL TURISMO”, founded 37 years ago by Antonia Conte in Rome, Italy It is given to individuals who with their excellence ,outstanding and superbe accomplishments contributed in promotion of tourism on different scales.Directly in tourism or indirectly for tourism, with competence, science, culture, sport…

The award ceremony for this highly prestigious international award, since its foundation in 1982-2003 it has been held in several European countries, in different cities.From Rome,Milan, Montecatini, Varese, Firence, Lecce, Todi, Krakow, Warsaw, Prag, Vienna, Lyon, Budampest, Bucharest, etc. By decision of the FEST and FISCALIS headquarters, awards have been given in Croatia since 2003. The license transfer agreement of ownership and and the award giving ,is exclusively within the framework of the International Tourism, Travel Film, Landscape - INTERSTAS owned by FISCALIS, have concluded; CEO Vojko PLESTINA, owner of Fiscalis, founder of the International Tourism Festival, Tourism Film, Landscape - INTERSTAS, ITF'CRO and KEA-CRO, and Honorary President of this event Antonio CONTEO, founder of ITF, FEST, ITCO, in Split, October 15 2003 as part of the 10th held INTERSTAS and 6th ITF'CRO event. The Agreement on Assignment of License, Transfer of Ownership and Award giving from 2003 was announced to the public and the media on the occasion of the ceremony on the first award giving in Split.

The winners of the Charter of Excellence are distinguished individuals and world-renowned names from various professions; tourism, professional, gastronomic, enological tourism, culture, film, music, science, art, public, sports life ... Among the winners so far are; great Italian director Franco ZEFFIRELLI, and Andrea BOCELLI, Monica BELLUCCI, for great directorial, musical and acting roles in the promotional movie OMAGIO A ROMA. French-Polish director ZANUSSI, Austrian-American famous director Curt FAUDON. President of the World Federation of Travel Journalists and Writers-FIJET, Tijani HADDAD, Tunisia, Tina ETEROVIĆ ČUBRILO, President of FIJET, Croatia, President of FIJET Malta, Andrew MUSCAT. Academicians, from Croatia, Jaksa FIAMENGO, Dinko KOVACIC, Nikola BASIC. Publicists, poets, actors, sculptors ... from Croatia; Arsen DEDIC, Miro GAVRAN, Rade SERBEDZIJA, Kazimir HRASTE. Famous publicists, writers, musicians, artists, world-famous actors, Paolo BROSSI, Bruno SANTORI, musician from Italy, Turkish publicist, Delal T. ATAMEDEDE, publicist Luigi TORELLI, publicist Jacques CAMPE, from France.Guide to the historical sites of Italy and its curator, journalist Enrico GUAGNINI, director of GOURMET. Cities, mayors, mayors, presidents of regions, President of the Veneto Region, historic Risorgimento Lecce, cities of Krakow Vari, Noto, Lecce, Budapest, San Gimignano, Montalcino, Montecatini, Fiuggi, Todi, Spello, Ostuni, Locorotondo, Terre Arneo, city of Solin and then incumbent Mayor Blazenko BOBAN, and others. Various hotels, including Grand Hotel di Roma, l'ex Forum hotel di Prague, Holiday Inn Warsaw, Hotel President in Solin. Restaurants; Rinaldi al Quirinale and La Terrazza del Bernini Bristol in Rome, Restaurant la Maximilian in Paris, la Guida Gastronomica dei Cento Rinaldi al Quirinale and Bernini Bristol in Rome. World-class chefs, French chef Paul BOCUSE, Italian Gualtiero MARCHESI and Domenico MAGGI for gastronomic tourism. Guide to gastronomic 100 restaurants in Croatia and author Karim MIMICA, Heads of famous shrines and pilgrimages, Fr. Jozo ZOVKO, Fr. Marinko ŠAKOTA, Sanctuary of Medjugorje, Fr. Patar KLAPEŽ, Sanctuary of Sinj ... World renown Athletes, Marin ČILIĆ, tennis player, Luka MODRIĆ, football world champion, Blanka VLAŠIĆ, athlete ... and numerous other institutions and distinguished personalities at different levels.

And this year's manifestation: SCIFT - INTERNATIONAL DAYS OF TOURISM, TOURIST FILM, LANDSCAPE / INTERSTAS, ITF'CRO, KEA-CRO, as well as previous editions, is held in the city of Solin. With the support of world and national sector associations, under the auspices of the Split-Dalmatia County, the City of Solin, Croatia, and with the high support of the Croatian Parliament and the President of the Republic of Croatia.