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INTERSTAS / International project of tourism, tourist film, landscaping, founded 1994. By the initiatives of The FEST / European Federation of Tourist Journalists and Writers, Rome, Italy, since 2003 becomes center od "International Club of Merit for Tourism". In its own development program INTERSTAS has founded two more international events; 1988 with the support of FEST and ITF substantiates ITF'CRO / International Film Festival Festival, and in 2003 became a member of the European Flower and Landscape Association - AEFP / EFE, and substantiates KEA-CRO / Landscape Flower Competition of Croatian Cities, Hundreds, Centers for GOLDEN CVIJET EUROP and Special Award "Lucija" 2015th joins the World Association of Flowers and Landscape Communities in Bloom, a Flower / Landscape Competition for the International Golden Flower - CiB. All three international tourist, film festivals, landscape events ,are held in same time as unique manifestation, supported by world resource associations for tourism, tourism journalism, tourist film, landscape ; FIJET, FEST, ITCO, CiB.

In the business concept of finishing final INTERSTAS, two business days (Thursday and Friday) are planned, with professional, scientific conferences, accompanying events (commercial presentations, round tables, tourist, film, educational-ecological workshops, meetings with experts and practitioners from the domain of tourism, science, film, television, tourist and film journalists, specialized exhibitions, tourist bourse and commercial contracts), program. In the framework of presenting space in which are presented Laureati –winners of prestige international tourist awards for excellence , is an opportunity for meetings and the realization of numerous contacts, business conversations, exchange of international experiences and knowledge with people who make important decisions in the domain of development of international tourism, tourist film, urban and rural development, landscapes, environmental protection and sustainable development. Special attention is given to the presentation of cities, places / villages / centers for the INTERNATIONAL GOLDEN FLOWER - CiB, and a special prize "dr. Lucija Čikeš ". Interstas application.

Based on the proposals of the Special Commission of Tourism Journalists and Writers, the Decision of the Council and the Directory of manifestation, with the support of the World and European Federation of Tourist Journalists and Writers, is a selection of nominations in all five categories, local, regional, national organizations, individuals and their programs for - Laureates of the Year. The winners of these prestigious international tourist awards are distinguished individuals, tourist communities, institutions, organizations, places, cities, regions, from Croatia, Europe and the World, with the explanation: "for excellence and extraordinary contribution to the promotion and development of tourism at different levels, sciences and culture, sport in the function of tourism, and the promotion of quality of life and environmental protection". The prestigious international travel awards CERTIFICATE KEA-CRO, "LUCIJA ČIKEŠ, CHARTER FEST - ANTONIO CONTE, GOLD INTERSTAS - Laureates are presented at the closing ceremony. Manifestation video.

Laureate Awards are explained by the valorisation of the quality of work, creativity and the level of contribution of each individual and organization to the realization of their programs. They are based on the recognizability of their work, and their outstanding professional achievement, on development projects and programs, which through their professional , scientific and practical work promote the tourist offer, culture, science, sport ... These achievements are an outstanding contribution to the promotion of further local, regional, national development of tourism and to all the participants involved in it, and thus the reputation of their country. This certainly contributes to prosperity, quality assurance and improved living, and to confirm the justification of the award of these international tourist awards.

The aim of this already traditional internationally affirmed manifestation, a unique multimedia project of this kind, consisting of three specialized tourism, film festivals, cultural, educational-ecological events in the field of tourism, tourism film, culture of living, sustainable development, members of the world resourcefrom this domain: FIJET, FEST, ITCO, CiB, with international exchange of experiences and international cooperation, is a contribution to the promotion, enrichment and valorisation of international tourist, cultural, film festival, landscape offers. The basic objective is to contribute to the further development and improvement of Croatian tourism, thus the tourism of the town of Solin, host of the manifestation, and the city of Split, the seat of the management of the manifestation, and thus the Split-Dalmatia County. All with the goal: that our county, Split and Solin, as important Dalmatian and Croatian cities and in this segment of world cultural and tourist activities, gain a place that belongs to all historical, cultural, and geolocation values that belongs to them. The manifestation as a year-round tourist project directly and indirectly brings good tourism results.

World promotion of manifestation, as unique multicultural project of this sort, in framework which individuals and institutions are rewarded on local, regional, national level, for their excellence in contribution of international development of travel traffic, surely Travelindex – Media, Los Angeles, USA, largest world media travel company. Travelindex as our partner and promoter, on over 50 web portals and video distribution channels, with over 40 milion views on YouTube channel, and over 60 milion visitors from all across 5 continents, is presenting our manifestation through the mentioned web portals, social networks and video distribution channels. The share of this worldwide media company is approximately 30% of the total cost of the manifestation. Travelindex