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ITF 'CRO - statue



Article 1.

Name: ITF'CRO/International tourfilm festival, in English: International Tourfilm Festival-Split Workshop, abbreviation: ITF’CRO. Hereinafter Festival. Member of: I.T.C.O. International federation of tourfilm festivals, Rome, Italy.


Article 2.

Author, founder and owner of the Festival: Vojko PLEŠTINA, chairman of the Board of FIS CALIS Ltd. Split and president of ITCO/World federation of tourfilm festivals. Organizer: FIS CALIS d.o.o. Split - Croatian tourist promotion center, HR- 21 000 Split, Vukovarska 6, Tel/ fax:++385/21/344-255, tel.:++385/21/344-048, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;


Article 3.

Honorary authorities: Honorary Committee, Festival Council, Honorary president Mr. Tijani Haddad, FIJET President / World Federation of Travel Journalists and Writers.


Article 4.

Management bodies: Directory of the Festival, Selector, Selection committee, International expert judging jury, Program council, other bodies if necessary.




Article 5.

ITF' CRO/ International Tourfilm Festival, is being held in the November.


Article 6.

ITF' CRO/ International Tourfilm Festival, consists of:
1. Competition of films, video films, TV spots, documentary and commercial programs, multimedia presentations CD - ROM + WEB SITES, and awards for the best ones
2. Projections of films, video programs, TV Spots, Internet spots of cable TV and special tourist channels to a wider audience, in informative selection and retrospective
3. Tourist Workshop, Manifestation (Commercial presentations, Round tables, discussions with experts in tourism, film directors, producers, journalists, special exhibitions, graphic works exhibitions, posters, photographs, tourism stock meetings commercial negotiations etc.)


Article 7.

Directory of the Festival specifies: halls for film projections, as well as other extra festival events; stock market, Workshop, expert-scientific gatherings, exhibitions etc.




Article 8.

Right to participate on ITF’ CRO have all legal and physical persons from the country and abroad without any limitations.


Article 9.

Following films may participate at the Festival:
1. Films, video-spots, reportage films, documentary films, trick-films, TV-spots and commercial film presentations, in one of the following formats: DVD, Internet Sites.
2. films not exceeding two 2 years of age
3. films not lasting longer than 50 minutes
4. films which are in tourist function and representing: tourist promotion, cultural tourism, world protected cultural and historical heritage, sport tourism, ambience and natural beauties, sea beauties and possibilities of tourism, ethnography, ecology, possibilities and privileges of health tourism, films about anthropological, ethnical, folklore and customary characteristics, films about religious tourism, tourist fiction films, animated tourist films and travel films of documentary and educational research type.


Article 10.

All films are divided in 3 groups:
- Group A, Film/Video/ DVD – film/programme till 50 minutes
- Group B, TV spots and short films till 5 minutes
- Group C, Internet Sites


Article 11.

All films produced in different speaking countries when reported must be over synchronized of titled in one of the official festival languages (Croatian, English).


Article 12.

All participants applying films for the Festival have to:
1. apply each film, video program, TV spot, short film, on a special Festival Application Form
2. for each applied film, video spot, short film, correct information, summary and a narration list in one of the official festival languages (Croatian, English) and photography (slides, diskettes, poster etc.) must be delivered
3. provide a certificate of paid Entry fee.


Article 13.

Applicant fills out the form for each registered film. Information from the article before and DVD Copies of films have to be delivered to the address of Directory of the Festival: FIS CALIS Split, Vukovarska 6, 21 000 Split, Croatia. First deadline for application submission for selection is 15th of July, and uttermost deadline is 15th of September for the current year.


Article 14.

Each participant has to pay the entry fee for the Festival as follows:
- Croatian applicant for the groups: A&B/ 95 EURO C/ 58 EURO
- Croatian applicant makes payment in Kunas according to the HNB selling rate at the day of payment, to FIS CALIS d.o.o. Split, Transaction Account, FIS CALIS d.o.o. IBAN: HR 1024070001100618909 / Foreign Bank Account: OTP banka d.o.o. (VAT is not included into the entry fee). On paid Invoice the name of the Applicant and to ITF’ CRO should be clearly marked. Deadline for entry fee payment is 15th of September of the current year.


Article 15.

Delivery costs for films and video copies on the Festival, as well as stay costs during the time of the Festival are on participant's expense.


Article 16.

Directory of the Festival is committed:
1. on the applicant's request to return originals of the films, arrived on DVD within 90 days from the day of Festival ending, on applicant charge.
2. on the applicant's request (if the film is awarded on the Festival, and winner is not present to the award giving ceremony) Directory of the Festival will deliver the award to the seeker on his expense.
3. copies, and unreturned originals of all films arrived at the Festival, will be kept for archive requirements.
4. handle correctly and take care of all film copies or originals, video programs, DVD.


Article 17.

Owner of the Festival reserves the right to, without compensation to the owner or author of the film, multiply and distribute awarded film originals and video programs to cultural, promotional or informative purposes, and to show them fully or parts of them on local and foreign TV stations and other media.


Article 18.

Tourist Workshop, presentations and other manifestations within ITF' CRO, may be organized by tourist boards, local, regional and national, state tourist associations, ministries of tourism, state embassies, trade associations, trade chambers and other associations, tour operators, hotel management, tourist agencies, television and producing houses, individuals and others interested in tourist propaganda goals.


Article 19.

Appearance costs at Workshop, organization of exhibitions, presentations and other manifestations during the Festival at ITF' CRO, are on charge of client (user), which is obligated to pay the fee to Directory of the Festival for appearance right. Amount of the fee depends on the rented area size, contents and meaning of the manifestation, and is being arranged between Directory of the Festival (director) and client.
Mutual relations are being maintained with a special contract - application form.




Article 20.

A previous examination of all registered films/spots according to groups, selection and determining of authoritative competition list of the Festival will be preformed by the Selection commission, named by the Directory of the Festival.


Article 21.

Directory of the Festival reserves the right to exclude and not allow showing certain films and video programs on the Festival, if those with their contents or technical quality are not with accordance with Festival regulations. For all the films which have not entered the selection, Directory of the Festival approves 40% refund of the total amount of entry fee.


Article 22.

Examination and awarding of films, video programs, TV spots, in official competition will be preformed by the International expert jury, named by the Directory of the Festival. Jury is consisted of the Film and television directors, tourist and film critic journalists, specialists in tourism. Those who compete in film and spots production and are selected for the competition are not allowed to be members of the International jury.


Article 23.

Each participant as author is responsible for the content of his work and for possible problems during copying. While using the authors work according to this rules, author reserve all rights and therefore Directory of the Festival is not responsible to a third legal party.


Article 24.

At the International Tourfilm Festival – ITF’CRO are anticipated following awards and acknowledgments:
Out of Competition, Directory of the Festival assigns:
24 a/ Special acknowledgment, to producers, for the best overall selection.
24 b/ Special acknowledgment, to authors, films, producers, Out of Competition, International Jury of the Festival assigns:
24 c/ Special acknowledgement, authors, films, producers, In the Official Competition, International Jury of the Festival assigns:
24 d1/ Special Diploma, to the Embassy/ Consulate of the Country accredited in Croatia, for the best registered selection of the films,
24d2/ Special Diploma, for the best film/spot presented in new multimedia technique
24 d3/ Special Diploma, for the best Croatian ecological tourist film of the Festival,
24 d4/ Special Diploma, to a producer for the best film/spot
24 e1/ Diploma to the Author/s, for the best editing,
24 e2/ Diploma to the Author/s, for the best music,
24 e3/ Diploma to the Author/s, for the best camera,
24 e4/ Diploma to the Author/s, for the best scenario,
24 e5/ Diploma to the Author, for the best directing work,
24 e6/ Diploma, for the producer for the best tourist-floral film of Europe,
24 f1/ Trophy “Baldo Ćupić” – to the author, producer, for the best “Croatian national tourist film”,
24 f2/ Trophy “Dujam” – to the producer, for the best tourist-promotional film till 15 min.
24 g/ GRAND PRIX - ITF’CRO – for the best film of the Festival,
There can be also assigned some special awards for the film/spot with an extraordinary content or artistic or technical values as well as the special audience award, in accordance with decision brought by Directory of the Festival.


Article 25.

To all Film applicants, nominated and showed at festival, will be assigned ACKNOWLEDGMENTS - ITF’CRO, for participating at the Festival.




Article 26.

Films will be presented according to the order and schedule determined by the Directory of the Festival.


Article 27.

To be recognized by the Festival for participating, medium has to be in perfect condition and prepared for projection. Directory of the Festival will exclude those films which are not in accordance with the regulations or those which by their opinion are not convenient for public exposure both artistically and technically.


Article 28.

All medium boxes and cases have to be clearly marked with: film title, producer, duration, audio system. Applicants also have to send slides or photographs from film with summary.
Directory of the Festival insures films during the Festival, and it’s not responsible for any damage done during delivery at the Festival and film delivery from the Festival to the addresses given on the Application Forms.


Article 29.

Directory of the Festival will give all explanations of this Statute if required.


Article 30.

This Statute is effective from the date of entry of FIS CALIS d.o.o. into the register of Trade Court in Split. For all relations that aren’t specified with this Statute, and in connection with the holding, conditions and participation and awards of the Festival, will be settled by the Festival Council and Directory of the Festival. Accepting the participation at ITF' CRO, participant is obligated to respect the Regulations stated in this Statute.