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On 9th of march of 2003, in Brussels, Belgium, by the decision of general Assembly AEFP / Entente Florale Europe – Europa association for flowers and landscape with headquaters in Brussels, Croatia became permenant member of this association and thus gaining the right to equal competition and nomination of croatian cities towns/places for “Golden flower of europe”. Decision of assembly Foundation Communities in Bloom, Canada, in febuary 2015. Croatia KEA-CRO is accepted as new member of this international association, and continued international competition of croatian cities and towns under mutual international slogan „People, Plants and Pride ... Grow together“ for „International Golden Flower- CiB“.

We would proudly point out that through croatian association KEA-CRO, 2003. right in Croatia is founded another one special reward under AEFP, and it's called by dr. Lucija Čikeš, in that time headmaster of center „MIR“ from Kaštela, and representative in Croatian Parliament. New founded special award „dr. Lucija Čikeš“, is given once a year to the city, place, center for best results in contribution of education, care and promotion handicapped people with special needs.

It’s worth to point out contribution of this event in profession and science. Each year in continuity is organized professional-science gathering and “round tables” about very important themes for further development and promotion of horticulture autochthonous, variety of planting plants, educational and aesthetic issues, environmental protection, landscaping , autochthonous and traditional culture, as well as the role and importance of this project for tourism development. Each year in debates participate over 80 outstanding scientist, experts, representatives of university studies, students and scholars of high school, representatives of institutes and state institutions, representatives of media. Market opportunities and choice of target groups at the KEA-CRO project indicate that each of the services that this project offers is required locally to approach selectively, and globally together with all the relevant subjects involved in the project.

Croatian participation, cultural, ecological, and tourist presentation, in this for environmental protection, culture of life and tourism, an important international project KEA-CRO surely will contribute more strongly to fundamental goals candidatures of Croatian representatives ,and therefor entrance in club high ranking world cities and places which are counted in the CiB. Good final results, of croatian cities and places for “International Golden Flower - CiB”, as an especially newly established Special award „Dr. Lucija Čikeš , and winning one of the medals, among over 25,000 candidates from 27 countries worldwide, certainly contributes to the cultural and good tourist presentation of Croatia, which is also one of the priority goals of this project.

Goal of KEA project is to contribute social and cultural development, motivate international integration processes , horticulture, ecology, sustainable development, modern tourism, ensure quality and culture of living ,and therefor advance modern tourism of new time. Developing and valorising environmental, landscape, infrastructure, , communication and other significant features, presenting the "diversity" of the culture from the original geolocation, specific localities, places, regions of our country.

All in order to promote a greener and more enjoyable environment of cities, towns, villages and centers, KEA-CRO is involved in this organized international competition known as the International Golden Flower - CiB, under the slogan "People, Plants and Pride ... Grow together”. Through a one-year competition, state, regional, county, city and local authorities, local self-government, private bodies and individuals are encouraged to cooperate in beautifying their cities / villages and special centers, thus improving the quality of life of their inhabitants by planting flowers and shrubs, development and maintenance of green areas and parks, and fostering ecologically and environmentally sensitive development.