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About the founder

Vojko PLEŠTINA is the founder of the company "Fiscalis" (Full International Service Consulting Agency Split), and the current president of the Fiscalis Management Board. He is the author of the international multi-sectoral project of excellence: SC IFT- INTERSTAS/INTERNATIONAL DAYS OF TOURISM, three specialized events, for tourism, tourist film, landscape / INTERSTAS, ITF'CRO, KEA-KRO.

The predecessor of today's Fiscalis/ Agency for marketing in culture called FIS MARKETING was founded by Vojko Pleština back in 1973 as part of the "Dalmatia Concert". The agency operated under that name from 1973 to 1984. Since 1984, Pleština has registered an agency under the name FIS CENTAR, and managed it within the then Tourist Board of the Municipality of Split from 1984 to 1989. Upon registration at the Split Commercial Court in 1989, FIS CENTAR separated itself from TSOP Split, and continues its activity as an independent economic entity. In December 2003, by decision of the County Court in Split, the former FIS CENTAR was renamed FIS CALIS (Full International Service Consulting Agency Split), and continues the continuity of marketing, cultural and tourist activities.

FIS (Full International Service), in its long 50-year period under the leadership of Vojko Pleština, was the initiator, creator, promoter and implementer of numerous large and very significant projects for culture, tourism and sustainable development. Let's briefly mention just a few; "Split International Pop Music Festival", "Split Summer", "Festival of Dalmatian Klapa Omiš", "Sinjska Alka", "Golden Dolphin Poreč", "Mediterranean Games Split", "Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo", "University in Zagreb" . He is the founder of the "FIS club", the first credit-discount card in these areas, and the tourist mascot of Dalmatia: "Cvrčak" under the name "FISCO". He is the founder of the first translation company in Split called "TEZEKAS", which completely took over and realized the complete translation of the "Mediterranean Games" in 1979 in Split. He is the founder and implementer of the tourist project "Dalmatia pearl in the eye", which presents the tourist offer of the whole of Dalmatia in the country and abroad. He is the founder and implementer of the cultural-educational environmental project "The Beauty of the Adriatic that needs to be preserved", with a floating art exhibition along the Adriatic, on the ferry of the shipping company "Adriatica" from Venice. The participants are numerous renowned artists from Croatia and Italy, in cooperation with Italian cities; Venice, Florence, Rome, Ancona, Pescara and Baria. In his long-term cultural marketing career, Vojko Pleština, and as a co-founder of the MARKETNIG company at the then Chamber of Commerce of Dalmatia in Split, in addition to the above, was the holder and implementer of numerous other marketing projects, whose goal is to valorize and present culture in the function of improving and developing international tourism. thus contributing to a better understanding between people and nations.

This is best evidenced by numerous international awards and recognitions received by Vojko PLEŠTINA, as the author and manager of numerous projects and the founder and owner of FIS. Of the numerous highly prestigious international awards, we single out only one - the UNIPAX medal - of the International Association for Peace and Human and People's Rights at the UN. The prize - UNIPAX medal was personally presented to Mr. Pleština by CARLO SAVINI, president of the UNIPAX committee at the UN, in Split, on April 17, 1999, with the explanation: "recognition to Mr. Vojko Pleština for his many years of activity. encouraging tourism and meeting people as an extraordinary opportunity for the development of friendship, solidarity and peace".