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Respectable Ladies and Gentlemen!

fiscalis najava medjunarodnih manifestacija

Announcing the upcoming events: 31st INTERSTAS/ International Festival of Tourism, Film and Landscape, 27th ITF’CRO/International Tourism Film Festival, 22nd KEA-CRO/ European Landscape competition, which will be held this year (for the eleventh time in a row) in the Town of Solin, in hotel President Solin, on November 13, 14 and 15, we are honored that this unique event in Croatia in the field of tourism, tourism film, landscape, will be held under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Croatia.

It is our great pleasure to welcome you in the name of the Mayor of Solin, Mr. Dalibor NINČEVIĆ, President of the Council of our event, and Mr. Tijani Haddad, President of FIJET and honorary President of our event, and in my name. Also on behalf of the Tourist Board and the City of Solin, the sponsors of the event, and hotel PRESIDENT Solin, the main host of the event, we wish you a warm welcome and a pleasant stay.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank all participants of pervious events, and we congratulate all laureates - winners of prestigious international tourism and film festival awards.

We are preparing this year's three specialized international, tourist, cultural, educational and ecological events:

31st INTERSTAS 2024/ International Festival of Tourism, Tourfilm Festival and Landscape - International Club of Merited in Tourism

27th ITF'CRO 2024/ International tourfilm festival

22nd KEA-CRO 2024/ Presentation of Croatian towns/places for ”International Golden Flower - CiB”

During the past few years, these events have built a respectful position as an important cultural, tourist, filmfestival, and corporate tourist event in travel industry of new markets, especially this part of Europe. They are held in the very convenient autumn period. In 2024 from 13th to 15th of November.

These traditional, internationally-orientated events: INTERSTAS, ITF'CRO - INTERNATIONAL TOURFILM FESTIVAL, and KEA-CRO, members and partners of world associations: FEST, ITCO, FIJET, CiB have gained the reputation of very dynamic and important cultural and corporate tourist events in this region. In the scope of tourism, tourfilm, travel, tourist journalism, environment preservation, ecology and sustainable development they are becoming a respectable element of International filmfestival and tourist-passenger circulation. With their reputation and organization, they actively contribute to the faster growth of the world of travel, with very rich and creative additional activities.

SPECIAL AWARDS, will be handed out by the leaders of the world tourist, journalism and filmfestival associations: F.E.S.T, F.I.J.E.T, ITCO and KEA-CRO. On the final ceremony, on November 13th 2024, a Certificate will be awarded as official nomination to a Croatian town and/or place/village for the International Golden flower award - CiB '2024. Highly prestigious international tourist recognitions will be handed out to meritorious individuals, companies and organizations, namely: GOLDEN INTERSTAS 2024, "For contribution in tourism development", and CHARTER FEST 2024, “Merits for tourism development” and “Life in tourism”. In addition to the International Festival Jury which decides about Festival awards and the Grand-prix of the 27th ITF'CRO 2024, the committee of INTERSTAS, KEA-CRO and FEST, based on the present candidates and explanations for every individual and organization, which are presented within the 31st INTERSTAS 2024, and in accordance with the propositions about the awards decides about awarding these prestigious international tourist prizes. Nominations are motivated by high quality of work, as well as recognition for individual creative contribution in tourism development on different levels, through professional, expert, scientific and practical working activities to promote their local tourist offer and thereby contribute to tourism development.

This multimedia project in the sector of tourism, culture, sustainable development and cinematography, creates an opportunity for networking that normally wouldn't be possible. This project with its program is attracting more and more domestic and international participants, and business visitors interested for business in Croatia, which is becoming more important tourism market in the region of Central Europe and Mediterranean countries.

All three events: 31st INTERSTAS, 27th ITF'CRO, and 22nd KEA-CRO, are enhanced with interesting additional happenings, amongst which are the 30th International tourist forum, art exhibitions, tourist photography and design exhibitions, and attractive trips for accredited guests and participants.

Thereby, we would like to welcome you to this year's INTERNATIONAL DAYS OF TOUISM from November 13th till 15th, 2024.

The leaders of the Council of the event - President, Honorary President and CEO:

G. Dalibor Ninčević

Mr. Dalibor Ninčević

The mayor of Solin
G. Tijani HADDAD

Mr.Tijani HADDAD

FIJET President / World Federation of Tourism Journalists and Writers, President of FIJET, Tunis


President of ITCO / International Federation of Tourism Film Festival