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Tijani Haddad, President of F.I.J.E.T.

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tijani haddad

Tijani Haddad, president of FIJET
Tunis, 19. studenog 2018

Tunisia, November 19, 2018

FIS CALIS d.o.o.
Vukovarska 6
HR - 21000 SPLIT

Dear Vojko,

Thank you so much for having all of us in Solin at the 2018 International Tourism Film Festival. Thank you for inviting me to speak.
Vojko, under your capable leadership, the reputation of the Interantional Tourism Film Festival plays a significant role in many aspects of tourism, especially in sustainable strategy on all aspects of the tourism industry including local communities. I sincerely congratulate you for an effective, successful and productive International Event.
I have been honored to be invited by International Tourism Film festival which provides a valuable tourism human resources including all the people who contributed with success in the tourism industry and travel media.

The awards are given to an individual or any type of organization who made extraordinary contrbution to make a difference in their communities, positively international impact, advertising and media inovation, the creative and individuals behind it.
On behalf of all FIJET members thank you that is recognized our contribution in the field of tourisand tourism media. This annual Event brings together the highest value of the Awards.
In addition, we were with a wonderful team of people, all friendly and helpful. It was in unique sense that we were able to be in Middle Dalmatia, learn about a beautiful sites and enjoy there.
Thank you for placing your trust and confidence in my abilities to assume the role of the Honour President. It is my honour and privilege to accept and serve this postition.
Thank you for the invitation to attend, this was a delightful experience.
Best regards and warm wishes.


Tijani Haddad
President of FIJET