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Vojko Pleština, Chairman of the Board

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celnici vijeca manifestacije vojko plestina

Vojko Pleština
Chairman of the Board
& president of  I.T.C.O.

Ladies and gentleman,

With this commemorative brochure, it announces three upcoming international tourism, film and landscape events: INTERSTAS/International Festival of Tourism - International Club of Merit in Tourism, ITF'CRO/International Festival of Tourist Film and KEA-CRO/presentation of Croatian cities, towns, centers, for the INTERNATIONAL GOLD CVIJET, and a special award, "Dr. Lucija ČIKEŠ".

I take the opportunity on behalf of the Manifestation Council Mr. Tijani HADDAD, honorary president, to sincerely thank: City of Solin and Mayor Mr. Dalibor NINČEVIĆ, Split-Dalmatia County and Prefect Mr. Blaženko Boban for their active support and patronage. Hotel PRESIDENT Solin at the main household. Many thanks to the worldwide media promoters and online event portals; Travelindex Group and Touristica International, with more than 100,000,000 online event followers on all continents. We are also very honored by the high level of support for the Croatian Parliament and the President of the Republic of Croatia.

It is my honor and great pleasure to congratulate all the winners of the international awards: Certificate for the INTERNATIONAL GOLDEN FLOWER, award "DR. LUCIJA ČIKEŠ"; Charter ANTONIO CONTE - PREMIO PER IL TURISMO ALLA CARRIERA, Charter ZLATNI INTERSTAS. Sincere congratulations to all the authors and producers who won the festival awards, as well as the most prestigious Croatian festival award "Baldo Čupić", and the winner of the ITF CRO Grand Prix. It is with great pleasure that I use this opportunity to highlight Croatia's membership in AEFP/Entente Florale Europe/Europa, then in COMMUNITIES IN BLOOM - CiB International Associations for Flowers and Landscape, based in Brussels, and in Canada. And I congratulate the Croatian cities and towns, competitors since 2003, who in the past period, among over 27,000 candidates from Europe and the world, won BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD and thus entered the club of the most prestigious international cities and places of pleasant living.

We are extremely proud of this unique multimedia project, which has been very active at the international level since its inception as a unique festival manifestation of tourist film, of its kind in Croatia in the sector of tourism, tourist film, culture of living, sustainable development. , which was recognized by domestic and foreign tourism representatives, directors, producers, and the European and world press. Supported by the international associations AEFP/EFE, ITCO, FIJET, FEST and CiB, of which we are permanent members, and through connecting a wide range of subjects, promoting international tourist exchange, our goal is to contribute to the further development of tourism, and thus to better acquaintance, understanding and friendship among nations.


Vojko Pleština
President of the Management Board
& president I.T.C.O World Federation of Tourism Film Festival