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Application for ITF 'CRO

You can apply for the event by downloading an MS Word document or filling out an online form.
Please note that application deadline is 15th of October in the current year!


MS Word document

If you would like to apply via MS Word document please download it, fill in the fields and email it back at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Online form

Fields marked withare required.


Apply for Audiovisual Product - Movie / Video / Web


Film / Video can be sent by WeTransver to our e-mail;

*The applicant fills in a form for each movie /video /spot /. The deadline for submission and submission of the film and video /spot is October 15th.
The applicant is required to pay a registration fee (VAT is not included in the price) for each movie / video / spot, according to the group:

** A & B / 120€
** C / 95€


**To the applicant of the Film, the payment of the registration fee includes 2 free accreditations that guarantee him: free participation in the 3-day program of the event, the awards ceremony at the closing ceremony and 2 seats at the gala dinner and the extra cost of hotel accommodation paid by the Applicant.
ACCOMMODATION - accredited participants / if they need to / make a reservation directly with the hotel, at an extra agreed price paid directly to the hotel.

The Croatian applicant makes payment of the registration fee in KN (at the HNB middle exchange rate on the date of payment), to OTPbanka d.d., IBAN: HR 10224070001100618909, for ITF'CRO c / o Fiscalis d.o.o. Split.

The foreign applicant makes the payment in EUR to the foreign currency account: OTPbanka d.d. IBAN No: HR 10240700011618909, BIC / Swift cod: OTPVHR2X, with ITF'CRO designation c /o FISCALIS d.o.o. Split, Croatia.