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- KEA-CRO, and “Lucija”, Landscape Awards, founded in 2003.
- CHAIRS FEST-ANTONIO CONTE, individual tourist award, founded in 1982.
- GOLDEN INTERSTAS - BEST FOR EXELLENCE IN TOURISM AWARD, collective award, founded in 2003.
- ITF'CRO, a film awards festival founded in 1998.

The manifestation council and the FEST Main Board, based on the nominations received from three different categories, and the justification of the Committee of Travel Journalists and Writers, and the International Jury of Tourist Film Festival, for each individual, organization, film, decide on the Laureates, and at the closing ceremony of the event awards them these prestigious international awards: KEA'CRO & "LUCIJA", CHARGE FEST-ANTONIO CONTE, GOLDEN INTERSTAS - BEST FOR EXELLENCE IN TOURISM AWARD, AND ITF'CRO - awards for best tourist promotional film.

Through 3 working days (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday), with exhibitions, presentation of Laureate-winner of international tourist awards, screenings of tourist films, presentation of this exhibition, are organized; international symposium, “round table”, film, tourist, environmental education workshops, special promotions, professional excursions and exploring the historical, cultural and other landmarks in the area. It is an opportunity to meet and make numerous contacts, business talks, exchange of international experience and knowledge, with people who make important decisions in the field of international tourism, environmental protection, sustainable development, manufacturing and production of tourist films… With journalists who accompany these events, world renown media promoter - Travelindex,this manifestation is an immeasurable contribution to the promotion of tourism in Solin / Split, Split-Dalmatia County, and the tourism branding of Croatia in the world. This project also contributes significantly to the overall development of cultural tourism in the world.

With the fact that we are recognized by departmental world and European landscapes, film festival and tourist journalism associations; FEST, FIJET, ITCO, CiB, It is estimated that by promoting the international integration processes of contemporary tourism, this manifestation jointly contributes to the development of tourism, tourist film, environmental protection, better quality of life, and overall international tourism exchange, thereby satisfying the supply of high-demand tourism in all aspects through connecting the entities that participate in it.They significantly contribute to the recognition of the tourism product of all local, regional, national participants who take part in it, and thus to a better understanding among peoples and countries, which is the main objective of this event.

With a welcome to all participants of the event in the Town of Solin / Croatia again in 2024, in advance, our sincere congratulations to this year's Laureates, and with that to joining the International Club responsible for tourism development.