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INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF TOURIST FILM –ITF 'CRO, has been traditionally organized in the framework of INTERSTAS / International Festival of Tourism, Film, Landscape. The entire event, including ITF'CRO, is organized in Town Solin, sponsored by the world and European tourist journalists and film festivals: ITCO, FIJET, FEST, CiB.

International festival of tourist film –ITF ‘CRO Solin/Croatia is among oldest festival of tourist, travelogue, documentary film, and one of the most appreciated festival of this sort in the world. ITF ‘CRO is held in continuity with two other international tourist and cultural events and these are INTERSTAS /International festival of tourism, and KEA-CRO / Flower, Landscape competition for International Golden Flower Award. ITF ‘CRO gathers producers and authors of tourist film, and wide range of participants in the tourist film industry. It has gained a significant reputation among the members of ITCO/World federation festivals of tourist film. Festival contributes to the development and valorisation of tourist film production, highlighting the ambience, landscape, infrastructure, communication and other significant features, visually presenting the "diversity" of tourism and culture from original, autochthonous geolocation sites, regions and countries.

In official competition, within standard category of film, which are competing for one of the international festival awards and Grand Prix, accent of Festival –ITF ‘CRO is encouraging national film tourist promotional creativity, trough category “Croatian national tourist film”. Author of film in this category is awarded with the most prestigious national festival award „Baldo Čupić“. In fact awarded tourist promotional films, especially with national award „Baldo Čupić“ and won Grand Prix, through ITCO, and Travelindex –media partner, will be seen by milions viewers on TV and through social media around the world. It's a significant contribution of this festival and this manifestation to promotion international tourism in general, and especially tourist branding of Croatia in world.

Additionally, along with the international tourism film market and «Club of reference tourist and film festival cities», compete ecological tourist-promotional films, cities and towns of member states CiB/International foundation for flowers and landscape, under the name “People, plants, pride- grow together”. Outside the competition, in the interest of motivating scholars and young authors-creators, directory of festival will also this year award special recognition to film which is not in prescribed propositions of Festival, but by the theme is appropriate film.

In the framework of “round tables” professional and creative film workshops, with the encouragement of young people on tourism filmmaking, the richness of forms and genres will be considered, also the professionalism and the creative freedom of author's reflection.

Additionally, there will be talk about national strategic marketing conception, and level of significant support of tourist associations leading tourist institutions, especially support of national umbrella tourism institutions and resource ministries in tourist promotional filmmaking. The quality of progress will be evaluated, primarily, national productions in the domain of intermediate and immediate tourist film. In particular national production of Croatia will be compared with exceptionally high quality international production, both in invention and in the selection of themes. First goal is, in domestic Croatian individual author's creations, to support quality and more modern film expression general, tourist, cultural, historical, travel-documentary, ecological presentation of Croatia in the world. By that we want to contribute to promote general impression of quality and recognition of croatian tourist and culture product, what will ensure contribute to more quality publicity and general impression of croatian tourism abroad.