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KEA-CRO Policy excerpt


About the Croatian Landscape Ecological Association (KEA - CRO)
FUNDAMENTAL, MEMBERSHIP, RESPONSIBILITY, SITUATION, NATIONAL BODY AND NAME.The founder, owner and holder of KEA-CRO is FISCALIS d.o.o. Split, in accordance with the Decision on registration of the Commercial Court in Split Tt-03 / 2426-7, dated 29th december 2003. MB 1787250. NIN: 72421288624 Croatia. KEA-CRO, from 2013 to 2015, is a member of AEFP / Entente Florale Europe, Brussels, Belgium. Since 2016 KEA-CRO has been a member of CiB / Communities in Bloom, Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada. He was represented by the founder of the Croatian Association for Croatia, Mr. Vojko PLEŠTINA. The headquarters of the association for Croatia is in Split, Vukovarska 6 and it is part of the Croatian name KEA - CRO (Landscape Ecological Association, Croatia). The Croatian Association of KEA-CRO has its own appropriate national bodies. In addition to the President of the Management Board and Executive Directorate there is a National Board (two years mandate), a National Jury (a two-year term with a possibility of extension for another two years) and, if necessary, other expert bodies


KEA - CRO and Communities in Bloom - CIB. Since 2016, KEA-CRO has become a partner of the World Association of Flowers and Landscape Communities in Bloom - CiB, headquartered in Aaint - Laurent, Quebec, Canada, and is actively involved in international competition. INTERNATIONAL CHALLENGE includes the winners of many different national projects (Communities in Bloom, Britain in Bloom, America in Bloom, Tidy Towns of Ireland, Japan in Bloom, Comuni floriti, Entente florale and others). Communities in Bloom organizes an international challenge (logistics, competition program, providing information). International challenge encompasses community assessment by the international jury based on the achievement of the overall community (municipalities, private and corporate sector, institutions and citizens) according to the following criteria: neatness, ecological awareness, natural heritage protection, urban forestry, landscaping and floral arrangements - engagement the community is considered to be an integral part of all the criteria.


About the Partner / International Association - Communities in Bloom. Communities in Bloom - CIB is a Canadian nonprofit organization whose goal is to promote civic pride, environmental responsibility and community enlightenment, focusing on the green areas within the community system, with a slogan that expresses the essence of the program: "People, plants and pride ... grow together".


History CIB: Established under the leadership of Britain in Bloom, Tidy cities of Ireland and Villes et Villages Fleuris de France, the Communities in Bloom organization held its first competition in 1995. At the first prize ceremony in Parliament Hill, 29 cities participated in the Parliament Hill. In the International Challenge project today participate and compete with each other thousands of cities and locations around the world, Canada, USA, Asia, Europe.


CIB (competition) project: involves assessing communities at regional or national level by a jury-volunteer professional, based on the achievement of the entire community (municipalities, private and corporate sectors, institutions and citizens) through eight criteria: regularity, ecological action, heritage, urban forestry, landscaping, lawns and soil coverings, flower arrangements, community engagement.


The results of the KEA-CRO and CiB competitions: the pride and the sense of community and achievements that result from active participation in the project are felt in the communities of all competitors. In this kind of results of the KEA-CRO project in cooperation with the Funding Communities in Bloom, everyone is winning. Participants can profit financially through tourist initiatives, community-friendly business opportunities, and other similar projects. A timely exchange of information enables communities to share achievements, best practices, and projects. Competition participants (including the CERTIFICATES of KEA-CRO from 2016) are represented on the KEA-CRO and Communities in Bloom web pages, "Explore our Communities", with the description of the candidates and its web site. In addition to the KEA-CRO and the Journal of Communities in Bloom, which are published twice a year, the participants and the results of the competition are presented, but articles of the educational content are also published. This international project promotes initiatives and opportunities for quality international promotion to all partners and sponsors.


International Symposium are held as part of the award ceremony and represent a unique opportunity for elected officials, experts in the sector and volunteers to learn all about current trends and challenges not only in landscape, horticulture, gardening but also in tourism and ecological awareness, environmental protection, sustainable development, and many more. Development and dissemination of education and awareness of more people about the value, improvement, importance and sustainable development of green areas and the natural environment in each society are the underlying goals of this project.