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- KEA-CRO, and “Dr. Lucija Čikeš”, Landscape Awards, founded in 2003.
- ITF'CRO, a film awards festival founded in 1998.
- CHAIRS FEST-ANTONIO CONTE, individual tourist award, established in 1982.
- GOLDEN INTERSTAS, collective award, established in 2003.

The manifestation council and the FEST Main Board, based on the nominations from three different categories, and the motivation of the Committee of Travel Journalists and Writers, and the International Jury of the Festival of Tourist Film, for each individual, organization, film, decide on the Laureates, and at the closing ceremony of the event awards them these prestigious international awards: KEA'CRO & Dr. LUCIJA ČIKEŠ, CHARTER FEST-ANTONIO CONTE, GOLDEN INTERSTAS - BEST FOR EXELLENCE IN TOURISM AWARD, AND ITF'CRO - awards for the best tourist promotional film.

Nominations for each of the Laureates selected and the tourist promotional film are explained:with excellence, high quality work, but also recognition of their creativity and individual contribution, which, through their professional, professional, scientific and practical work activities in their own projects and development programs, tourist offer and presentation, promote the tourist and cultural offer and thus contribute to the integrity of promotion and development of tourism, and culture of life, at local, regional or national level. It certainly contributes to prosperity, quality, betterment of life and better understanding between people and nations. In doing so, it confirms the justification of giving these awards, and thus the entry into the International Club responsible for tourism development.

The main focus of the awards; CHARTER FEST - ANTONIO CONTE, founded in 1982. Founder Antonio Conte 2018. GOLDEN INTERSTAS, founded in 2003 and KEA'CRO & Dr LUCIJA ČIKEŠ, founded in 2003 are dedicated to selected individuals, tourist destinations of local, regional, national destinations, responsible tourism, sustainable development, and presenting best practice examples for other individuals and other destinations around the world.
Only Laureates - winners of GOLDEN INTERSTAS, and KEA'CRO, are selected in accordance with the collective award rules, are presented within the exhibition program of the International Tourism, Film, Landscape - INTERSTAS event.

This year 2019 also, as part of our event, for the 16th time in a row, the following is awarded: CHARTER “FEST - ANTONIO CONTE” “For professional excellence, thus an exceptional contribution to the promotion of tourism”. Winners 2018.

This distinguished international recognition, the Charter for Excellence and Outstanding Contribution to Tourism - “PREMIO EUROPEO - BENEMERERITI DEL TURISMO”, founded 37 years ago by Antonio Conte in Rome, Italy, it is awarded to distinguished individuals, world-renowned names from the domain of various professions; who, through their personality, excellence in public service in science, the arts, and professionals and professionals in tourism, gastronomy, enology, sustainable development, culture, film, music, sports ... have contributed to the top achievements in promoting tourism at different levels.

The award ceremony of this highly prestigious international award, from its founding from 1982 to 2003, took place in several European countries, in different cities. From Rome, Milan, Montecatini, Varese, Florence, Lecce, Todi, Krakow, Warsaw, Prague, Vienna, Lyon, Budapest, Bucharest, and others.
By decision of the FEST and FISCALIS headquarters, it has been awarded in Croatia since 2003.

The license transfer agreement and the giving of this award solely within the framework of the International Tourism, Tourism Film, Landscape - INTERSTAS-owned FISCALIS concluded; CEO Vojko PLESTINA, owner of Fiscalis, founder of the International Tourism, Tourism Film, Landscape - INTERSTAS, ITF'CRO and KEA-CRO, and Honorary President of this event Antonijo CONTEO, founder of ITF, FEST, ITCO, Split, October 15 2003 as part of the 10th INTERSTAS and 6th ITF'CRO. The Agreement on Assignment of License, Transfer of Ownership and Award of 2003 was announced to the public and the media on the occasion of the ceremony on the first award ceremony in Split.